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safeandsound treatment on justruminating men's blogWonderful words of inspiration and hope from my new friends on Instagram Safe & Sound Treatment!

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We heal by sharing our story and helping others. . When we came into the rooms we realized we weren't alone. Not because the rooms were full of alcoholics and addicts, but because we heard our story. We heard our story over and over again. . The more we heard the similarities, the more we realized we weren't alone. When we cleaned out the wreckage of our past, and begin to forgive ourselves, we saw how our experience, strength and hope can help others in the same way those stories helped us when we first entered the rooms. . It doesn't matter if you're an alcoholic in recovery, or an abuse or trauma survivor, your story can inspire others. . Be who you are. Love who you are and share it with others. You never know when someone might need you. . Don't be ashamed of your story…it will inspire others!

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