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blogspotlightI haven’t had a lot of time to peruse her entire site, but if this post reflects what she is putting out, then I know it’s a place we should be visiting! Please, show her some love and take a look at her place.




 The stone . . . after the throw.

 The word . . . after it’s said.

 The occasion . . . after it’s missed.

 The time . . . after it’s gone.

Regret! We’ve all toiled with this word.  Whether it’s over a period of months, years, OR whether it’s immediate.  We’ve all felt regret at one point or another.


I recently read an article of a man that lived across the street from a junkyard and painted on the wall facing the street it said “Take the stones they throw at you and use them to build your castle.”

Let’s begin to FOCUS not on what’s been broken, but rather what we can make anew.  And although it is a fact that we cannot take that stone back.  It is never too late to apologize to someone or to forgive ourselves for…

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