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Stephen Fuller

Written in collaboration with Christine Ray at https://braveandrecklessblog.com/ after they uncovered and shared a couple of fragments found in journals. – Gecko and Mouse

In the sleepless nights since you left
I have become a ghost
Haunting lonely shores.
My restless legs cover miles
Before giving out.
I am raw, ragged

Who will walk with me through
The darkside of this morning
Where our kaleidoscoped story
Hovers above the water’s surface
Piercing me before they blur in the brine?

I clutch one eidolon
You drowsy and tousled in my tee shirt
Borrowed fabric softly falling
Shaping the constancy of arousal
The obvious distaff dangers unhidden

The rhythmic glitter of dawn on the surf
Belies dangers of the relentless undertow
pulls away and pulls away and pulls away
Swallowed milligrams of sunlight
Penetrate bare boned trees, symbolic.

The onus of my salvation.
An image given
By a phantom.
I drop…

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