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blogspotlightI just found out that Rebeccas his THIS blog, in addition to her primary blog wildernesslifeblog. This blog is about HER, and she has always supported me, so I want you to go visit her!

She writes beautifully, and the pictures she takes out in Lapland are stunning! The last Blog Spotlight I did, only 1 person commented on that blog 😦 Show her some love won’t you? Thank you!

Faces of Life

When I look over my left shoulder, I dont see it at all. All I see is life.

But when I look over my right shoulder, however, I see it standing there, so close. When I see how close it actually is, that is when I realisethat that is the reason why I do not see it when I look over my left shoulder…. it is too close.

I see depression as an actual being. Completely black but with a bright white smile. Not a friendly smile. Almost like a demon.

I am fighting the urge that tells me to look over my right shoulder, the urge to look closer. I am not scared of depression anymore… I have fought and won many battles.

But what I do not understand about myself is that I have always done it in complete silence.


Anyways, like the titles says, I…

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