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blogspotlightKayla’s blog is incredibly uplifting, insightful, educational, informative, and well written! This post is just one example how she is blessed with a true talent for helping others.

She is new to blogging and I’m asking you to show her love and support. You will be glad you did! Let’s show her what our community can do for folks when we put our hearts and minds into something!


“I am a human being, not a human doing.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

I came across this quoteat some point in the past, and it’s always stuck with me.

As I’ve learned about mindfulness and practiced it for a few years now, I’ve gathered that there are two main modes of living. They are “doing” and “being.”

Most of us live in a culture that is all about achieving, concerned with getting things done and moving onto the next. It’s typically rewarded with raises, promotions, and material gain. And, this is where most of us find ourselves – the “doing” mode.

We also have minds that automatically judge every bit of incoming information. What happens is that, in this automatic judgment, we end up noticing that there is a gap between what we have and what we do not. This gap creates a load of…

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