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blogspotlightThis is the first time I have posted a Blog Spotlight for the same person. But Ipuna’s Blog really is that good! Here is another good vibe post I just loved! Read her blog if you want to feel good about life.

Ipuna Black

Raise your hand if every day is fantastic. Blissful. Disneyland like. Joyful. Hmmm. Probably not everyone is raising his/her hand. Now, I know of some people who choose to have a positive day each day. A friend I recently met, Ben, is one of them. It takes practice. Here are six suggestions to stay positive and productive. When we are positive, it’s much easier to be productive!

Good Days

How do you feel like when you exercise in the morning? Get in the shower. Get dressed. Paint your face (ha ha for my ladies). Dress nicely. Some may meditate and/or pray. Read a positive message. These are all things to start your day on the right foot. They bring positive energy to you.

Bad Days

How about days where you just want to stay in bed? I think of Bruno Mars’s The Lazy Song. “Today I don’t feel…

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