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Boundless Blessings by Kamal

the-best-and-most-beautiful-things-in-the-world-cannot-be-seen-or-even-touched-they-must-be-felt-with-the-heart1Inspite of so many colors we get to see in our lives – Black and White are the only two colors considered as Class and Superior. You will also see Gentlemen wearing it.

Inspite of so many voices, words and sounds which we keep on hearing or listening – Silence is considered ultimate. In silence you will find your True Self.

Inspite of so much to eat and feeling miserable afterwards – Fasting and diet are considered healthy for a good and simple way of living.

Inspite of so much to travel and explore in this World – Meditating under trees, going to quiet places or high up in the mountains is considered superior for peace of mind.

Inspite of so much enjoyment and living it up at parties – Closing your eyes and seeing within is considered to be the Pinnacle for achieving happiness in life.

Inspite of no one walking with you…

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