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Words And Tonic

​I know I’m probably a bit late for the typical “New Year, New Me” post and I’m pretty sure you’re sick and tired of hearing about the “magical powers” that 2017 can bring into your life, so I’ll skip the cliché banter. I mean let’s face it , does anything really change from year to year? Let’s go back to the last 3 years of my life and see…

2014: Single with no cat

2015: Single with no cat…

2016: Oh ya, still fucking single and still don’t have a cat!

So, ya I see lots of evidence that this year will be any different. With that being said, I get it. A new year is a metaphorical clean slate- a chance for us to pretend like our sins of the past years have mysteriously vanished, as we transform into these less asshole-y versions of ourselves.

But, this post isn’t…

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