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blog spotlight on justruminating men's blogOk so I just found Emily’s blog and I am thoroughly smitten! This woman knows life! Check out this wonderful post to her 7 year old.

Advice and insights we grown ups can benefit from. Other posts I have read are rich with life lessons in a loving, easy to read style. You will love her.

Oh crap, it's tomorrow

Dear Aliana,

Today you are seven years old. I need to tell you seven things.

1) The reason why I keep telling you to study is because someday you won’t be able to memorize everything, like you do now. You are smart, this is true… But hard work and perseverance will get you even further in life than being smart.

2) And speaking of perseverance, I want you to know that if a dream is in your heart, you must follow it with perseverance. How do you know what your dreams are? Your dreams are those things you long to do, but haven’t quite done them yet; and you keep feeling a nudge to do them. The nudge never quite goes away. Maybe you are praying about something you want to happen with all your heart, but it hasn’t happened yet. That thing you are praying about and hoping for…

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