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safeandsound treatment on justruminating men's blogWonderful words of inspiration and hope from my new friends on Instagram Safe & Sound Treatment!

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It's not about having the most friends, going to the best parties and having the biggest voice. Integrity is about what you're doing when nobody's looking. . Are you giving your time in a way that helps people or in a way that feeds your ego? Sobriety is about being there for people when they need you, being of service and getting out of self. . Fellowshipping is imperative to getting in where you fit in, but what are you doing on a daily basis to help others. Are you getting to a meeting 30 minutes early and staying late to socialize, or to reach your hand out to a newcomer? Would you give up a social engagement to help your elderly neighbor with some yard work? . When we're doing things to help others out of the kindness of our hearts we start to change the way we look at life. The ego needs to prove itself through social and financial status. The heart only needs to love. . The biggest moves come from the heart, not the voice. Next time you're at a meeting take a look around; the coolest people are making the biggest moves by just being there for others.

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