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Let’s show some love and support for Kate, a good friend of mine and first ever recipient of my Robust Ruminator Award!  She’s going to need our support before she embarks on her big journey!

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I’m around 30 days away from having to face head on a very painful, very complicated issue from my past.

In 30 days, give or take, I will be boarding a plane and crossing oceans to the otherside of the world – alone.

I am leaving my 3 beautiful boys in my manpanions very capable hands. The agony of separation from my children is already starting to churn my insides.

I cannot even describe how difficult it is going to be to have to leave them.

The weight of responsibility is pulling me down. I feel suffocated. I don’t want to go, but if I don’t, I will have unresolved legal matters forever swimming around at the edges of my mind.

It’s hard to live a life fully in the present when you cannot make peace with the past. This is my chance.

I can’t really share specifics…

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