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blog spotlight on justruminating men's blogI have been following Yasmine almost from the first week of my blogging life. I love how she packs so much power with so few words. This is one of those fabulous poems!


I lay me down to sleep
cocooned in a thistledown
quilting a rumination
that teases my restlessness
a zephyr murmurs
perceptions permeating my being
taking me to the edge of a light
the darkness inks my spirit
forging poesies into my heart
as night breathes its nuances
into my intropsections
pushing dreams into oblivion
a moment hung in eternity
in a finite space of time
I still embrace my dreams..

I feel the desolation of a universe
that is so alive, even as the night sky
sings an ode to the stars and the moon
the milky way echoes
the song of my dreams..

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