Safe & Sound Treatment: Lifting Others

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Wonderful words of inspiration and hope from my new friends on Instagram Safe & Sound Treatment!

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When we first enter the rooms of a 12 step program, we are told that "we have to give it away to keep it." . We don't have to wait until we're recovered to start giving back what is being so graciously given to us. Whether we have 10 years or 10 days, there's always someone with less time than us who needs to hear something we have to say. . We share our experience, strength and hope, so that others may know they can heal. Being of service to others allows us to get out of "self" and that's when we start to find peace. . Seeing that our experience can help others inspires us to keep coming back. It feels so good we start to practice these principles in all of our affairs. . It takes a village and the fellowship teaches us how to treat people – love and tolerance is our code.

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