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Wonderful words of inspiration and hope from my new friends on Instagram Safe & Sound Treatment!

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Many of us come into sobriety with a lot of wreckage. We may have criminal records, financial debt, poor health or what seems like irreparable damage to relationships. The task of cleaning up our side of the street may feel daunting. . If we start to look at those around us, and focus on the differences in our stories, it might feel like no one has the amount of work to do that we have. . Focusing our attention on other peoples life situations distracts us for the work we must do on ourselves. It's important to remember, while we share many similarities in our disease, everyone is on a different path. . Some people may be further along in their clean up efforts than we are. Maybe they don't have the financial wreckage we have, but their relationships endured the most damage. . We focus on what WE can do in our own lives and we get to work. We put one foot in front of the other – we don't compare someone else's middle to our beginning.

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