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lettertohatersUnfortunately, dear readers, I have some haters.  Yup.  I discovered them as a result of reading a mindless rambling about me by someone who I shall name “delusional,” and from recent comments I have received.

That story, in the interest of being a bigger person, will not be told the way I truly want to tell it.

However, in light of the nastiness I was treated to, I did discover that there are some perceptions of my blog–and, alas, you dear readers–that clearly are from folks that need to stick to watching tv.  For a blog is clearly much too much for their puny minds to appreciate.

So, without further adieu, I give you my Letter To My Haters: (and Lord, forgive me in advance for this expression of disdain, I will do penance on Sunday fer sure).

Dear Haters,

First of all, my blog is not a pity party.  It is not a place where I play the “Veteran’s Card” so I can get donations for my Campaign (apparently you can’t tell anyone you’re a Veteran without it sounding like you are looking for sympathy or praise anymore, is that true?)  It is not a place I write so that I can garner sympathy.  It is not a “Charity Case.”  hatersmakeusfamous

If you have such a difficult time enjoying a blog that shares more than just pain, torment, and torture, –oh, and they do have their place, for sure– don’t they?  Then why the hell are you reading Just Ruminating, instead of sticking to bellyaching and squawking your venom?  You know what I’m talking about.

My blog is much more than myself.  I am not writing this “letter” to defend it.  You’re nowhere near important enough for that. 

I am writing this letter so that my cherished community can see how stupid and ignorant you are.  I want them to know that you called them unkind names (you know you did).

The subject of your blogs are generally one tone:  black.  Understandably, I would never want to diminish your pain and life’s anguish.  You have your crosses to bear, after all.  We all know that well enough.

Write away, purge.  Break free from the chains that bind you.  I’d never judge you for releasing your demons.  But my blog, dear critics, is black AND colorful.  It’s like a bag of jelly beans, you never know what color you’re gonna get until you dig in.jellybeans

I actually have more than just crosses to bear.  I try to be versatile.  I try to journal my life, but I also try to educate and entertain.  I’m not looking for anything, I’m giving it away. 

When you “give it away,” it becomes so much more than just yourself.  What do you know about that?  You’re too busy being self-absorbed and self-centered.  Too busy spreading gossip, negativity, rumors, and lies.  That’s a pity.

You know what?  I’m so damn proud of the number of topics I offer here on Just Ruminating, I’ve decided to list them all!  This will serve as a friendly reminder that you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to Just Ruminating and its wonderful community. 

Perhaps you just don’t know how to use what we in the blog community call a drop-down menu!  (you just click on the arrow and click on a topic name).  Because, if you did, you would realize the utter ignorance of your criticisms of my blogging community in the first place. 

You would see that my blog is made up of a myriad of topics that are clearly not centered around me!  But you wouldn’t know much about that, now would you? 

You’re too used to worrying about your 6 likes on your last 10 posts.  Or writing half-assed poetry (mostly re-blogs of old crap really).  Well, here you go.  I decided not to create the links for you.  Just a plain ole’ boring list.  You’re not worth my links.


Topics on Just Ruminating Written By Rob–A PROUD Veteran And Recovering Alcoholic

Ruminations Personal Thoughts Journal
Meditation Guided Videos
Meditation Self Videos
Inspirational Contemplations
Meditation Articles
New Age Concepts
Ayurveda Medicine
Music Videos
Past Lives
Recovery Addiction
Links To Community Members’ Homepages
Links To Helpful Websites
Alcoholism Articles
Alcoholism Videos
Positivity Videos From Power of Postivity
Re-blogs of Community Posts
Sunny Side Up:  Introspections On Life
Tao Te Ching Video Series
Holistic Health
Eckhart Tolle Series

One helluva “pity party” huh dummies?  You’re not welcome at this party.  Take your Emotional Vampire asses out of here.  Leave our community at peace.  My mother always said “If you have nothing nice to say:



Rob ( & family)
Just Ruminating
Brockton, Ma.

(no, I don’t need anonymity either.  You know where to find me.)